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Did you get the bad men?
3 June 2011, 10:03
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On vacation in Florida, Army SSG Eddie Peoples walked in on a bank robbery in Sarasota, Florida.

Since the bank robber waved the gun at his children, Peoples followed the man outside and used his rental van to block in the bank robber’s car (what fool parks the getaway car such that he has to back out of his parking spot?)

SSG Peoples has had many guns pointed at him during four deployments overseas (3 to Iraq and one to Afghanistan), so when the robber hopped out and pointed his gun at Peoples, it was a minor annoyance. Peoples dealt with “bad men” on deployment every day, so he used his training and disarmed the man, holding him until the police could arrive.

Was Peoples Airborne or Special Forces or a Navy SEAL? Nope. He’s just a regular soldier with the 14th Transportation Battalion in Vincenza, Italy, but he is someone you should know.

The gun ended up being a replica, but no one knew that until after he was disarmed.

Bill Warner thinks SSG Peoples looks like LL Cool J and I’d have to agree. You can also see the rap sheet of the bank robber on Warner’s blog and it becomes clear what kind of fool he is. Yes, Eddie Peoples got the bad man.

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