We're not lost, Sergeant, We're in … France

About The Blogger

David Navarre is an amateur military historian with a variety of periods of interest and is a member of several organizations for the military & military history, including the Army Historical Foundation, the Naval Institute, the Marine Corps Association & Foundation, the Military Classics Seminar Series, the Garand Collectors Association, the Iwo Jima Association and the Society of the 3rd Infantry Division. He helped run and spoken at conferences on the French campaigns of the Sixth Army Group, with his own focus on the 36th Infantry Division.

He designs databases in Lotus Notes in order to afford his military history habit and indulge in good scotch and fine wines.

The original URL for this blog was habap.wordpress.com, but has changed to be more topical. “Habap” is the Russian spelling of Navarre and, though Navarre is a Basque name, “habap” is Russian for “the fat that gathers on top of soup”. In Russian slang, it means “profit”, which is skimmed off the top. He’s been using it on his license plate and online since 1990, when he was working on a Master’s degree in Russian and East European Studies at George Washington University. He speaks no Russian any more, but has completed the Pimsleur French series, so can converse en Francais if you speak slowly and simply.

He guest posted about meeting the brilliant vigneron Philippe Foreau of Vouvray on Emily in the Glass. He also maintains a blog on Lotus Notes XPages development called, “Lost in XPages“.

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David thank you for your offer to allow us the use of anything on your site in our blog. I am hoping to fill the blog with interviews of Veterans, but am going to add you to our blogroll. I am so new to this blogging thing I really don’t have a clue what I am doing, but am very excited about this project. It means a lot to me. I am the wife of a Marine, my Father was an Army Ranger in Korea, My uncle served in Vietnam. My brother is in the Army and in Korea right now. My husbands natural father was as helicopter pilot who was killed in action in Vietnam. His step father is the man who brought his mother the news about her husbands death, they become friends and later married, he retired from the Army at the rank of Colonel.

Comment by tshang

I saw the gravatar of the King Charles and had to check you out. Anyone who loves one must be a good person. My sister has a baby like that who looks almost identical. I’m in love. I’ll be following.

Comment by bravesmartbold

Henry is the light in our lives. When I worked from home, he was by my side 24×7. He’s very cute and loving, though he snores like a man 15 times his size….

Comment by David Navarre

Ha! So does my sister’s little one. Ah, I miss him.

Comment by bravesmartbold

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