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Life is 10% fact, 90% attitude
14 March 2013, 10:21
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Linda has written another excellent blog post. I’ve often said that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Her analysis of one poem and inclusion of another conveys this directly. My own life has been excellent and I’ve been surrounded by wonderful friends, found a loving and marvelous wife, been granted amazing opportunities and truly been happy. I’d recite the hurdles I’ve faced in recent years, but truth be told, the things that seemed bad ended up being good because they pushed me into a far better place.

I will never understand how some people allow themselves to dwell on the negatives in life.

Same place, simpler URL
5 March 2013, 23:27
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I decided to splurge and secured a domain name for my humble blog. Now, you can also reach it by going to WereNotLostWereInFrance.com

I’d been urged to do this for my software development blog, LostInXpages.com, in which I write about technical issues encountered in XPages development, so I thought I might as well make life easier for everyone here as well.

The change should be minor, since links to the old redirect to the new.

Weekend Wanderings: March 2013

We’ve had a mild winter and I’ve been diving into more veteran reunions, so I’ve gone far too long since I last posted a Weekend Wanderings.

  • As I was cleaning out my inbox to try to rebuild my To Do list, I came across a link to our pet photographer’s blog, in particular to her entry on our photo shoot for our Christmas car with our little Cavalier, Henry.
  • Melissa was in Mumbai, at the Taj, not long before the terror attacks there in 2008. We were both more horrified about the risks taken by the staff who’d been so marvelous to her, so when our favorite Village Smith blogged about the Heroes of the Hotel Siege, we really took note.
  • If you’re blogging and you’ve wondered how to get a million hits on your blog in less than a year, you should consider following The Other McCain’s advice. I picked and chose from among his recommendations, so you will never see a Rule 5 post here. Of course, if you like Rule 5, you can always go see XBrad’s Monday posts labelled Load HEAT.
  • In my paying job, I do software development for a company that does international development (think “foreign aid”, but sponsored by many sources, not just first world governments). So, I get to see a lot of interesting technologies. The latest one is FormHub, which is used for mobile data collection. It allows collection of survyes, integration with GPS data at the time of data collection and rapid analysis of that data via maps. They’ve got a great explanatory video and I keep thinking that we can come up with some applications as military historians for this software. Craig Swain’s work on the Historical Marker Database comes to mind.

Weekend Wanderings: Mid-December 2012

It’s been a while since I’d posted a Weekend Wanderings, so let me share some of the interesting things I’ve found of late:

Dash and Elan
29 November 2012, 16:06
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Craig pointed out a daring daylight raid on Paris in 1942 to XBrad. You should definitely read Brad’s intro and then the article.

Weekend Wanderings: Memorial Day Weekend 2012

As most of the country simply enjoys another day off, I’m sure those reading this are spending some time thinking about the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Weekend Wanderings: Gold Cup 2012

“I demand satisfaction!” is a cry of an earlier time when I man could seek redress on a field of honor for slights suffered at the hands of others. If you long for such times, as opposed to the endless blathering of slanders and disagreements found on the internet, you will surely enjoy this video, courtesy of our friends re-enacting Easy Company.

  • I may be going out on a limb here, but I don’t think any current leading ladies of film hold any technical patents, but Hedy Lamarr was far different, as Valerie Curl pointed out on her EpiphanyBlog, “In 1942, at the height of her Hollywood career, she patented a frequency-switching system for torpedo guidance that was two decades ahead of its time.”
  • Robert Seale took some excellent photos of 3 of the 5 surviving Doolittle Raiders. The 70th anniversary of those “30 Seconds Over Tokyo” is approaching (18 April 2012) and he got to fly with Doolittle’s co-pilot, Colonel Richard E. Cole, in Larry Kelley’s B-25, Panchito.
  • Speaking of re-enacting, there is apparently an event over in south-west Michigan that might be fun if you’re nearby, Lest We Forget: WWII Public Display and Battle Recreation. There will be a vehicle parade, beach landings, a public battle and a hangar dance. It will be held at the Southwest Michigan Regional Airport and the beaches of St. Joseph.
  • At the GI Film Festival (don’t forget to help out Firewatch) there will be a film on The Lost Airmen of Buchenwald. Betsy Miller, in the Military History group on LinkedIn, had recently pointed out the fate of some American airmen who got trapped in the Holocaust, pointing us to the National Museum of the US Air Force for more information.
  • Volunteer fireman and Easy Company veteran, John “Jack” McGrath passed away. McGrath was a humble man, not eager to tell his stories, leaving dedicated Easy Company researchers like Marcus Brotherton and Joe Muccia lamenting that they couldn’t learn more from him. Joe noted that, “in fact he spent more time asking me about my war”.

Weekend Wanderings: Late April 2012
22 April 2012, 11:30
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This spring day, I think it’s time to share some irreverence. We survived April Fool’s, but it’s still April, right?

Weekend Wanderings: NCAA Opening Weekend 2012

While I haven’t made a Wandering post in a while, it is always nice to share what I find out there.

  • One of my favorite films was the 13th Warrior, with Antonio Banderas. For a lyrical review that paints the imagery of the film, see The Village Smith.
  • The military blogging community lost one of its brightest lights, Neptunus Lex. By chance, I spoke with one of his classmates who was stunned at both his passing and that he’d still been flying fighters at this age. The Captain was a great writer and I think it would behoove any of my readers to peruse his beliefs. The world is a poorer place without him.
  • As you know, I love my puppy, so I was overjoyed to see a story about an Army Sergeant First Class by the name of Zeke who helps out his comrades in their time of need. (Hat tip to CDR Salamander – http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com/)

In continuing support of our dogs-in-arms….

Weekend Wanderings, Thanksgiving 2011
27 November 2011, 11:30
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I haven’t posted a set of Wanderings of late, but have been accumulating some interesting links. Hopefully, you didn’t over-eat on Thanksgiving or, if you are not a celebrant, on a lovely fall weekend.

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