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Weekend Wanderings: Late April 2012
22 April 2012, 11:30
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This spring day, I think it’s time to share some irreverence. We survived April Fool’s, but it’s still April, right?

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Thanks, David, for the ‘shout-out!!’

By the way, April is still ‘fooling,’ even though it is near over. 2/3rds of Pennsylvania is seeing in upwards of 18+ inches of snow. We’re safe here in the eastern part; just cold and windy. Mother Nature does have a knack for practical jokes.

Comment by Dale Wilson - Author of Command Performance

Aw shucks…you’re really too kind. Thanks so much for the pingback, Dave — much appreciated. And I’m absolutely blown away by your kind words!

I think irreverence is always a good thing — springtime or otherwise. But then, that’s just me…


I hope the weather is awesome where you are; today it’s 90 degrees here, and it was just snowing LAST WEEK! Bizarre to say the least…

Comment by Mikalee Byerman

The weather here has been simply wacky – never know whether to pull on a t-shirt and shorts or my winter coat to walk the dog. You both write so well, I had to let both of my readers know.

Comment by David Navarre

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