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His horse was not his best friend
21 June 2012, 18:09
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Today, in my email, I got one of the regular notification emails from Gatehouse Press, which publishes Morningside Books and Gettysburg magazine. Needless to say, I think they’re marvelous folks, but I’m not writing today because of that, but rather because I found there email and the associated story immensely amusing.

John Opie served in the Confederate cavalry and saw action in the major Virginia campaigns. His memoir A Rebel Cavalryman with Lee, Stuart, and Jackson is a light and humorous narrative on the life of a cavalryman. I’m guessing from the excerpt that Andy Turner published in his blog, that Mr. Opie must have been a hit whenever people gathered to hear stories of the war. It seems that his horse was not quite the gentle, loving companion that one always imagines when day-dreaming about being a cavalryman. In a few short chapters, Opie details how his seemed hell-bent on killing Opie, or, failing that, getting Opie killed. I’m not going to steal Andy or John’s fire, so  click on over and read all about it.

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