We're not lost, Sergeant, We're in … France

Doing what you love…
20 December 2011, 19:12
Filed under: Colmar Pocket

After the regular sessions for the day were finished on Friday, I turned to “my cameraman”, CPL Alex Apple, USMC, and asked, “How long have we been here?” We’d started at 0900 and it was almost 1800 at the time. It seemed like forever, though in an entirely enjoyable way. We’d started the conference Thursday evening and been at it all day. I couldn’t remember what the weather was like outside or what it was like doing my normal job. Being involved in these conferences is so immersive that it is difficult to remember having done anything else when the weekend ends. I’ve experienced that every time I’ve gone to France and on a number of other get-aways, but these events do it like nothing else. My executive coach has told me that I need to find a way to take the passion that I have for history and find a way to make that my career instead of my hobby. I couldn’t agree more.


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