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New photo of Bizory damage
2 April 2011, 09:35
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Well, I was able to get my good friend Brian to drive over from Luxembourg to Bizory this week and take new photos. The bad news is that the damage is still there and no likely to go away on its own.

I’d seen the photo that showed the monument in July of last year (the damage had been done in May) and been told that it worn away by September. Sadly, nearly a year after the monument was damaged, the vandalism is still apparent.

Here it is from July of 2010:

Image of Vandalism (unit numbers scratched in using a stone)

And now, the current photo:

Stone-scratched unit numbers as damage to Bizory monument

The lighting is a little different, so that may have something to do with the visibility of the markings, but they are still evident. One person told me that, if you know where to look you can find them, but if not, you wouldn’t notice. When Brian first got to the monument, he couldn’t figure out where the damage was, but when he re-read my email and went back, was able to find it and provide the photo.

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So, if it isn’t noticeable unless you know where to look, and appearently one has to really search, why keep looking up the dead horses ass to see what killed it?

If this is what it looks like at this point, I think by next year, if not sooner, all traces will be gone.

Why dwell on the negative when there are so many good things happening that could be focussed on?

Comment by Ken

One of the things I thought of when I read your analogy is that if you own a herd of horses, you sure as heck would want to know why one of them died. If monuments are to be likened to those horses, we sure have a lot of them, making it prudent to figure out what “killed” this one.

Comment by Dave Navarre

I know that this one is not dead. It is alive and well and will continue to be so for a very long time.

I see that you have included a link to your blog in your signature line on one of the forum’s. I guess this is an effort to draw readers to your blog? Or an effort to draw more attention to the markings?

The people that frequent the forums that you participate in are all aware of what took place. What good is it going to do to keep bringing it up fresh on a constant basis?

It’s not going to make it go away any faster and in fact, it unfortunately may lead to more damage to this and other monuments by someone who thinks that units and men have been left off of them.

It’s time to stop carrying the flag on this one and move on and make a positive impact and do some good on a worthwhile project like the Dick Winters officers monument or perhaps suggest and or get involved in a new project to honor the veterans.

Comment by Ken

I generally include a link to this blog in my signature block on forums (though I haven’t updated my signature block on every forum, since I haven’t visited some in a while). I have it on my business cards as well.

If I were truly anxious for people to look at the new picture of the vandalism, I would have started a thread there about it.

I have no intention of “making it go away”, let alone faster. I think that the vandalism and the repercussions should be fully discussed as a way to decrease the likelihood of another occurence. We’ve already seen that even a dedicated supporter of veterans can shock our little world by vandalizing a monument without considering the consequences. If he’d written about it (magazine articles, op-ed articles in newspapers, blogging, etc) and campaigned for better monumentation, history and the veterans would have been far better served than by this crime.

If you check my posts on 19 March ‘Goodbye Major’ or 11 April ‘Why am I writing about the Bizory Monument’, you’ll see I’ve already thrown my support in favor of that project.

So, as I learn about such projects, I’ll support them, but I will also continue to publicly document what I learn about the Bizory monument, that vandalism and the repercussions thereof.

Comment by Dave Navarre

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